Congress Invitation

I am happy to invite you to our 13th Congress organized by Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Education and EARDA collaboratively. Educational administration is a  developing field with its significance and impact, whereby education systems all over the world  face with  distinctive challenges  from pre-school to higher education, as they are exposed to the  rapid pace of change resulting from  the phenomena of globalization as one of the factors.

The social, political, economic and technological processes, issues and reforms have a direct impact on the field of educational administration both in theory and practice; which leads both researchers and practitioners  to cope with the dilemmas, controversies , expectations and challenges as well as to comprehend and analyze the local and global contexts. In this respect, the influence of international organisations on education and the field of educational administration has heightened by flourishing various debates over the politics, processes, tendencies, paradigm changes and dynamics within the field. Considering the complex nature of educational administration as a field together with its alleged function and impact on policy making, we undeniably need to tackle the issues of  preserving the local values and catching up with the global changes in aggragate. All these points in mind, the annual Congress on Educational Administration, held successfully for years at national level, is intended to be organized at international level for the second time in 2018. In this respect, 13th International Congress of Educational Administration will be organised with the collaboration of Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Education and Educational Administration Research & Development Association (EARDA) in Cumhuriyet University, Cultural Center in Sivas, Turkey between 10-12 May, 2018. The main theme of the congress is “Change in education and Model Search” with the subtopics of  “State and Education Reform”, “Education Policies”, “Ideological Assumptions”, “Managing Change in Education”, “Transition between Schooling Levels”, “School Theory”, and “Teacher Training and Teacher Qualifications”. Presentations on relevant topics are also welcome. Panels on various subjects and a specific workshop addressed to doctoral students will be held in addition to the paper presentations by the participants. Therefore, we would like to invite our colleagues, researchers and practitioners, from national and international institutions, to join us at the Congress to contribute to and participate in lively and valuable discussions at local and global level.


Organisation Commitee Chair

Associate Professor Celal Teyyar UGURLU